[MUD-Dev] [TECH] Voice in MO* - Phoneme Decomposition and Rec onstruction

Koster Koster
Thu May 16 10:01:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Ted L. Chen
> Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt Writes:

>> Since speech get unintellible fast if people talk over eachother
>> anyway mixing streams reliably with a great number of speakers
>> don't really pay off. Instead only take the nearest streams and
>> add the babble effect.
> This is a good idea.  Although I would add that the client perhaps
> even does a little bit more processing even after the server
> performs its culling.  For instance, the client also uses the
> character's POV to increase/decrease the volume of the nearest
> streams.

I'm wondering anyone on the list ever experienced either of these
two applications:

  - Cybertown, a graphical mud with differently themed chat areas,
  makes use of text-to-speech. It sounds like the good old fashioned
  Talking Moose on the Mac--also familiar from countless weather

  - MPath aka HearMe, which wedded realtime voice to what were
  essentially IRC channels. Brian Moriarty has a great videotape of
  this in action called "Whispering Pines."

It was extremely disjoint reading text in the chat box on Cybertown
in advance of hearing it, plus it of course did not handle the
challenges of typical Netspeak very well. However, you began to
start to hear the glimmerings of emotional intonation in the voices,
perhaps simply because of the jerky intonation of the algorithm.

On the other hands, HearMe was very successful at transmitting
emotional context, of course. There were severe limitations, but it
was widely adopted for things such as musical performance, religious
meetings, and other such applications which to my experience are not
as common via text communication.

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