[MUD-Dev] [TECH] Voice in MO* - Phoneme Decomposition and Rec onstruction

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Fri May 17 17:49:36 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Koster, Raph wrote:

> I'm wondering anyone on the list ever experienced either of these
> two applications:

>   - MPath aka HearMe, which wedded realtime voice to what were
>   essentially IRC channels. Brian Moriarty has a great videotape
>   of this in action called "Whispering Pines."

I worked at Mpath/Mplayer for quite a while (server-side
engineering) up to when they sold Mplayer to GameSpy, but never
spent much time in the chat on there.  From what I saw, you just
pressed the microphone button to talk, released it when you were
done.  It worked reasonably well, and was apparently popular enough
that we started making web-based voice-enabled chat rooms our
front-page business (HearMe).

We also had 'See and Hear Me', but well, shortly thereafter, we
wound up having to introduce an adult-locked set of chat rooms and
policing things for content a little more.  Go figure.

We acquired Resounding Technology, Inc., developer of Roger Wilco.
If I recall correctly, asides from the basic voice stuff, it allowed
some improvements on standard peer-to-peer chat by finding the
clients with the best bandwidth and having them do the brunt of the
redistribution of packets.

If there's more you wanted to know, maybe I could pass word onto the
ex-HearMe/Mplayerites mailing list. ;)

-- Conrad

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