[MUD-Dev] Question about copyovers.

Oliver Jowett oliver at randomly.org
Sat May 18 13:41:26 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 11:44:20PM -0600, Kwon Ekstrom wrote:

> Me and Scion Altera have spent alot of time working on Copyover
> ideas for a java based mud, so if anyone solves the problem,
> there's definitely interest.

If you don't requite a new VM, you could probably play with
classloaders and "restart" the mud in the same VM with new code.

i.e. the top-level code explicitly loads the core mud code in a
separate (non-system) classloader; on copyover, you pass the Socket
objects back out & the top level loads the new code in a new
classloader and invokes it with the existing connections & whatever
additional state is needed.

You might have problems with references held to the "old" version at
the system level -- outstanding threads and anything in the system
libs that hold references. I *think* singletons in the mud code will
be ok, as you get a new copy of the class & therefore a new

Haven't tried it myself, though..

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