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Mon May 20 09:46:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Matt Mihaly [mailto:the_logos at achaea.com]
> Just a note that may be relevant to this thread (apologies if
> someone's already brought it up): When Sony's PS network gets
> going, SOCOM is being released complete with voice capability, and
> a microphone/headset that comes bundled with the game. You'll be
> able to switch to separate audio channels for offence and defence,
> etc. Further, it's useable in the single-player mode as well, as
> you can issue orders to your AI teammates that way. It's been
> reviewed as working pretty well.
> Even cooler, when the Xbox Communicator is released (plugged into
> the joypad's memory slot), it'll have the same capabilities, but
> it'll also include the capability to alter your voice. Since
> Microsoft is building its closed broadband network and a feature
> set expected to be included in every online Xbox title, pretty
> much every Xbox online title will support the voice tech. Neat
> stuff. Can't wait.

I think the xbox hardware is just an evolution of their gamevoice
hardware (www.gamevoice.com). Gamevoice is a little control box with
multiple channel switches and macroing control through speech
recognition. It doesn't do text to speech, but I have met some
Everquest players who use it.

I must admit that although I own one, I've never actually used it to
talk to people. I have my pc in the lounge and don't want to disturb
other in my appartment any more than necessary. The other aspect of
having real speech in these games is that only one person can talk
at once. For someone who can type reasonably fast, speech is likely
more a handicap than an enabler.

What would be nice is if some developers integrated with gamevoice
properly.  It has a fully programmable API under Direct X 8 so
adding a little Gamevoice UI in wouldn't be too hard at
all. Everquest actually integrates with a couple of speech
recognition APIs, but its has been implemented in such an arcane
fashion I suspect no one but the coder responsible uses it.

The downside with gamevoice is that its point to point, so malicious
people could use it get your ip.

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