[MUD-Dev] People were talking about resets..

Anderson Anderson
Tue May 21 03:09:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu

> On the other hand, perfect control provides nothing more
> interesting than simulating the rabbit growth linearly gives to
> begin with. So you do something simple - like adding in a time lag
> before control kicks in, distorting it, etc.
> This is where things get complicated fast. I think it's no
> accident that it's also where they get interesting fast, for
> rabbit growth or really anything.

I think for many of us, the reason we're coding muds is that we're
really interested in coding.  I personally find it quite fun to
simulate complex nature relationships.  IE, here are the steps:

  1. I create sheep.
  2. Sheep sit there.
  3. I make sheep require food to live.
  4. Sheep die.
  5. I create more sheep.
  6. Make food in room regenerate for poor sheep.
  7. Sheep sit there and eat.
  8. Create lions to eat sheep.
  9. Sheep are eaten.
  10. Lions sit there.
  11. Make lions require food.
  12. Lions die.
  13. Create sheep again.
  14. Make sheep reproduce
  15. Millions of sheep crash mud.
  16. Make sheep reproduce slower.
  17. Millions of sheep crash mud a bit slower.
  18. Make lions to eat sheep.
  19. Lions eat all sheep then die.
  etc etc etc

I think it's great to try to think of ways to simulate nature,
etc.. and then have it usable for other things.  IE, if the sheep
were useful, maybe people would save them from the lions & help them
reproduce.. etc etc etc.

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