[MUD-Dev] The audience is the medium. For now.

Ted L. Chen tedlchen at yahoo.com
Tue May 21 06:11:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Damion Schubert Writes:
> From John Buehler

>> And I wonder how much that would kill achievement-centered games.
>> People work through all the crap that they do so that they CAN go
>> on a plane raid and be part of that experience.  Not that I'm
>> worried about killing off achievement-centered games.  I favor a
>> game which is rather more observation-oriented than
>> control-oriented.

> I suspect that a new type of player activity would rise:
> showboating.  Sure, anyone can kill this dragon, but can everyone
> do it while morphed as a cat?  Spouting Monty Python lines?  Do it
> solo?

> People are remarkably good at finding ways to be creative in a new
> medium.

I don't think that it's necessarily a new type.  Socializers tend to
do this in some current designs already.  I can't say for any of the
MUDs, but funny enough, in AO I've encountered: people who run
around morphed as a leet (like a cat) and others who spout Black
Knight epithets (at a bridge no less).  There are even people puttin
on stage plays with the limited set of emotes AO supports.

Mind you, your everyday GoPer just runs by looking at these people
funny...  but somehow they manage to exist regardless.  I'm
personally waiting for the day that a MMORPG includes a
traditional-style acting stage for these showboaters :)


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