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James Edward Gray II chessman at mac.com
Tue May 21 07:56:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Tuesday, May 21, 2002, at 02:02  AM, "John A. Bertoglio" <jb at dsl-
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> The Mac/Solaris/SGI: When I was in the software retail business,
> the conventional wisdom was that the average Mac user purchased
> their computer with their LAST available "computer dollar". That
> is, because the machines were so expensive that people were forced
> to spend a bunch to get a decent box. There was, therefore, very
> little money left to purchase software. The other notion was that
> many Mac

As a long time Mac addict who is very active in the Mac community, I
personally believe this is wrong.  In fact, the truth is likely the
opposite.  In my experience Mac users demand more from their
computer and it's software and are usually willing to pay a premium
to get it.  BBEdit, which most Mac heads own, is a shinning example
of this.

> owners were people who were not computer-oriented (they actually

I'm sure this is true to some degree, but as a professional
programmer who's always had a Mac I have to say it's not true for
all of us.

> now. Finally, there is the Mac user. As a group, they are probably
> more sophisticated than the average PC user. I don't see a game
> like "Deer Hunter" being a big hit in the Mac world. Watch
> WalMart. They are the most sophisticated retailers in the
> world. When they start carrying Mac games, everything I have said
> will be wrong. They go where the bucks are.

I agree with your appraisal of Mac users here, though it totally
counters the last quote.  If I remember correctly, the original Deer
Hunter did quite well on the Mac though.  First person shooters and
the like largely do not.  Game shows, board games, and simulation
games are all big Mac hits.  I'm not sure where this leaves MUDs.


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