[MUD-Dev] The audience is the medium. For now.

Frank Crowell frankc at maddog.com
Tue May 21 12:45:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "John Szeder" <john at seismicstudios.net>

> With the recent discussion revolving around explorers, and Nick
> Yee's studies, etc, it raised an interesting question in my mind.

>   How many people have experimented with having a venue for
>   "Observers" in their game?

I have been noodling around with VR Theater (or machinima by a more
yucky name).  It is not based on individual observation but by group
observation/viewing .

It's actually a revisit of a previous mud that I tried to create,
but it was a big belly flop.

The VR Theater is split into two parts: the virtual persistent part
is a super huge studio that has all sorts of nifty studio things but
there is no real (er virtual world) outside the studio.  I tried
modeling an outside and it was in my mind a waste of time.

The second part is a series of events with a start and end time.  It
is non persistent and works like a movie set. In fact there is an
Unreal demo that uses a set of fake buildings and you can walk
around and behind and see the wood supports.  Anyway its that sort
of idea.

I originally stole the idea from the military where they created
virtual studios for training.

The missing part is the audience ambience. Originally I saw it as a
set of props, scripts, and players with individual viewers with
minimal control (maybe selecting a view and that's it).  Now I am
noodling with the idea of a theater and audience being able to see
each other -- maybe even some player audience participation.


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