[MUD-Dev] Conversation logs?

Rudy Fink rudyfink at owlnet.rice.edu
Wed May 22 20:10:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Many everquest players keep extensive logs.  I know several
individuals who have complete logs going back for several years.

Most of the everquest community runs off of Ezboard and has a
hierarchy of guild boards, server boards, and community boards.  It
is fairly likely that you could do a post on community boards and
ask members to pass your request on to their respective server and
guild boards.

For starters I would go to http://pub35.ezboard.com/bthesafehouse
and post your request in the main forum.  Since eq players are
sensative to their reputations, it would probably be worthwhile to
make sure you include assurances about confidentiality etc.

If you don't end up getting too many responses from that, email me
and I'll come up with a list of specific server sites for you.

~! Rudy

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