[MUD-Dev] Codename Blue & Facets - Nick Yee's new studies

Steve {Bloo} Daniels bloo at playnet.com
Thu May 23 11:12:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Richard A. Bartle wrote:

> If someone is exploring because they want to compete, that would
> make them an achiever - exploring is merely a means to an
> end. Similarly, if someone is exploring primarily so as to
> socialise, they'd be a socialiser.


> Explorers climb a mountain because it's there.
> Achievers climb a mountain because they can.

And assumingly not just anyone can, right?

> Socialisers climb a mountain because everyone else is climbing it.
> Killers climb a mountain because that'll spoil the experience for
> everyone else.

That is more a definition of a Griefer than a Killer.  I score an
almost 'perfect' Killer score on the test questions, which have had
their suitability fairly challenged previously in this thread.  But
I am not a Griefer.  I prefer Player-vs-Player gameplay, especially

I would climb the mountain for tactical advantage in combat, or in a
competitive race.  You don't mean to suggest that the winner of a
race or the taker of the high ground in combat 'spoils' the
experience for everyone else, do you?

I don't think I'm an Explorer because I have no concern for the
mountain unless it is a factor in where I am.  And I don't think I'm
an Achiever because I need a reason to climb it.  I might climb the
mountain to get away from other people, so maybe I'm
Anti-Social. :-)

If Killer is synonymous with Griefer, then the usefulness of the
quotient is much diminished, IMO.  And why not simply call it
Griefer?  I will agree that Griefers may be a subset of Killers, but
certainly not all Killers as scored by the survey, are Griefers.

Whither Competition?  Achievement or Killing?  Equating Competition
with Griefing is foolish, IMO.  It appears to be a problem with both
the Bartle Quotient and the Yee Motivations.  As long as that is
they are viewed similarly, the usefullness of these analytical tools
is limited to only a few types of games.


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