[MUD-Dev] The audience is the medium. For now.

Shane Gough goughsw at bigpond.com
Fri May 24 00:54:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Ted L. Chen

> Mind you, your everyday GoPer just runs by looking at these people
> funny...  but somehow they manage to exist regardless. I'm
> personally waiting for the day that a MMORPG includes a
> traditional-style acting stage for these showboaters :)

I have seen on some MUD's where builders and players have combined
to put on a stage show. It struck me as quite unusual - a fictional
performance inside a fictional performance.

One was a performance of Romeo & Juliet in a classical Shakespearean
type theatre setting - that could possibly be written off as
historical role playing. The other however was a performance of a
play written specifically for that environment performed ad-hoc by
three actors/players/avatars(sp?) when there were enough people in
the same room that were interested.

What would you call this? Fiction-in-Fiction? Cyber-Busking?

I can only hope that any MUD environment I can come up with can
encourage the same amount of interaction and immersion.


If you try to throw your arms around the world, they'll nail you to
a cross and say it was a workplace accident because you were
employed as a carpenter. (Howard Hendrix - Better Angels).

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