[MUD-Dev] "MMOG" Bible

David Kennerly kallisti at tahoesnow.com
Mon May 27 18:44:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Thank you for the link.

Brian Green wrote:

> I'll admit, I didn't know there were quite THAT many games out
> there.

> Waterthread.org (http://www.waterthread.org/) has a few posts up
> containing a list of just under 60 existing online, graphical
> MUDs.

I'd guess that there are close to 60 in Korea alone.

> Guess I should have been learning Korean instead of Spanish. :)

This spring and summer I'm working in Korea and studying
conversational Korean every day.  In my opinion, Korean is much
harder for Westerners than European languages.  For example, a
Westerner can read the characters of Spanish and make a guess at a
few of the words or grammar in Spanish.  Whereas even the Korean
phonemes are alien to Europeans.


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