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Richard A. Bartle richard at mud.co.uk
Mon May 27 20:47:16 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On 27th May 2002, Steve (Bloo) Daniels wrote:

> Might Killer be equated with Power-Seeker (at least
> Power-Over-Others)?

It doesn't equate with it, no. People who like acting on other
people may be doing it with no thought of having power over them at
all - they may simply enjoy making sure other people do things "the
right way", for example. In general, the more you want to act
(rather than interact) then the more power you will want (because it
enables you to act), but it will be power of a particular kind (over
the game for achievers, over the players for killers).  Furthermore,
although there's a relationship between power and ability to act,
people don't necessarily follow it every time. Griefers, for
example, are often more into self-empowerment (which is manifested
by attempting to prove their superiority over other players) than
into power-tripping itself.

> In that instance, I meant a real mountain. </poor attempt at
> humor>

Oops! Sorry!

> Could you remind me when you started your work on player type?

Er, let me just remind myself...

  ;looks for ancient document folder.

Right, the date of the email which started the discussion was 20th
November, 1989. The original question which people answered was:
"What do you expect from MUD?". I ought to point out that it wasn't
my question: it was asked by one of the game's arch-wizzes, SKIFF
(Henry Mueller in RL). Although wizzes would ask questions and spark
debates fairly often, this one was in the right place at the right
time and struck a chord which resulted in some major postings -
several hundred of them.

When it reached its natural end in May 1990, I set about summarising
what people had written. The debate actually covered a wide range of
topics, just some of which involved "player types". Some day, I may
publish some of the other findings, in particular the equivalent of
the "player interest graph" for wizzes (which uses different axes).

After I finished my summary, a further discussion followed which
lasted into June 1990.

> I wonder if your work might have had different results if it were
> done today

The players haven't changed, but our understanding of them has.

> particularly with survey questions without the problems Nick Yee
> has identified.

I didn't do a survey, I summarised a debate. This is all explained
at the beginning of my "Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades" paper,
under "A Simple Taxonomy".


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