[MUD-Dev] What keeps people interested in social muds?

Marc Bowden ryumo at merit.edu
Wed May 29 09:33:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

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> I'm heading up a project that's a new way to socialize online.
> It's essentially a 3D virtual nightclub with streaming audio,
> dancing, chat, etc.  (If you're curious: http://www.esconline.org
> )

> Anyway, encouraging people to socialize and keeping them
> interested in a virtual world is the goal of the social mud.  What
> keeps people coming back to social muds?  Why would someone choose
> a social mud over a simple chat room, like IRC?

For the older socializers, it's a sense of having a *setting* to
acquaint of and play off of; the venue itself and props are used to
augment communication in the place of inflection and as an amalgam
to body language, which they feel is key for conveying their message
and personality.

The younger crowd tend to not need/not want/resent having to deal
with this for reasons of age- and culture-related deficiency in
imagination and being locked into a sterile ideology by their social
circuit. If that made your head hurt, it's because they lack the
communication and improvisation experience to use the venue, which
makes them moody and upset, and none of their friends are doing it.

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