[MUD-Dev] New Beginings

Drylar Levre drylar at softhome.net
Thu May 30 09:30:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Well, I've been lurking and learning for a few months now, and
decided to inquire as to opinions. I've been working with a
text-based mud, diku in origin, with rom influence for a few years
now. I belive it's time to move onwards and upwards to a more
challenging goal. As it stands, I've aquired decent knowledge of C,
and a taste of C++. If I would like to attain my goal, I'm wanting
to create a graphical mud that: handles 'simple' 3D (ie Warcraft or
AOE), basic sound effects as well as music, cross-platform for
Windows and Mac (with the ability to handle more, but at least those
as a starting point), and that can be expanded upon. I'd throw in
completely bug and memory leak free, but that is every (I hope)
programmers wish. What I'd like input on is; what would be a good
cross-platform language to learn?  What would be good models to
study (I learn best by example)? Where can I find good, quality
programming resources for cross-platforming online games?  When it
comes to the questions of Artist and Composers, those I can handle.
I need to learn where to go to begin on the groundwork for what I
hope to become the next great multi-user online game.


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