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Richard Krush richard_k at gmx.net
Thu May 30 15:24:38 New Zealand Standard Time 2002


This is my first post to the mailing list, so I will briefly
introduce myself.  My name is Richard Krushelnitskiy, I'm 18 years
old, and as the majority of the computer users live in the USA. My
exposure to MUDs as a player is very limited (more on that later)
and I have no exposure as a developer whatsoever. In addition to
that, I am only a beginning programmer without any experience with
medium-to-large size programs.

I played only one MUD for about two months, then got bored of it (it
was a hack'n'slash MUD) and tried to find other more role-playing
MUDs to play, but was unable to do find any that interested
me. However, I liked the idea of the MUD and eventually wanted to
write one myself, which would be interesting for me to play
in. Right now I am about to finish High School and will have more
time on my hands, so I thought that this might be a perfect time to
at least start writing my own MUD. I also tend to believe that
working on a big programming project that I am interested in will
improve my programming skills. On the other hand, I still have
doubts whether such a big project would be possible for me to
complete without considerable programming experience and other
people to help me.

Considering the above, I would like to ask people who have a lot of
experience with MUD development or general programming whether I
should do what I planned or postpone it until I get a degree in CS.

Regards, Richard

P.S. I apologize if this topic was discussed before. I tried
searching the archives, but was unable to find anything relevant.

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