[MUD-Dev] Positive reinforcement for socializing [was In de fense of "soloability" ]

Jeff Lindsey Jeff at nextelligence.com
Fri May 31 09:24:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Raph wrote:
> From: Clay

>> If it's quality downtime, I'd hope you wouldn't have to call it
>> downtime at all.
> A lot of the discussion of that statement of mine has centered
> around the semantics of "downtime." But I was using a very
> specific definition. I was defining downtime as time during which
> the player is not actively engaging in making decisions. This says
> nothing about the "quality" of the downtime.
> People don't seem to like being interrupted when they're making
> decisions.  They tend to complain about people ruining their
> concentration. So it makes for a bad time to try to have an
> in-depth personal discussion with them. If we want more
> socializing, we have to provide breathing spaces in which it can
> occur.

To that end, what about rewarding players with social benefits for
being more social? Chatting with other players isn't exactly
quantifiable in the sense of advancement (and interacting with NPCs
isn't really being social), but perhaps rewarding the role-play and
participation aspects can be achieved, making it more attractive to
everyone. DAoC did this to some extent by allowing "established"
guilds to pick emblems and colors, but it was still linked to PvE
achievement - money.

An example might be giving players the ability to hold formal town
meetings, and then giving participants access to other functions
along a social ladder or tree - political offices, game
engine-supported weddings, tickets to player-run shows. Socializing
could be reinforced in much the same way achievers are rewarded, for
coming together for an interactive, rather than physical goal.

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