[MUD-Dev] In defense of "soloability"

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Sun Jun 2 08:08:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 01:43:50PM -0500, Ron Gabbard wrote:
> Why do MUD gamers play MUDs vs. traditional client-based RPGs when
> the traditional RPGs often have... better/deeper storylines
> written specifically for the individual player, their own fan
> sites and player communities, module/dungeon creation tools where
> players can create and share content with each other resulting in
> almost infinite content, fewer technical problems/no Internet
> latency, no griefers, no TOS or 'name police', a plot where the
> player is the 'hero' and not just 'another joe', no running to a
> dungeon to find all the content 'camped', cheat codes where the
> players can be 'God' if they desire without being banned for
> exploiting, no 'nerfs', no having to share loot from kills, no
> getting disconnected only to come back dead and suffering the
> 'death penalty', no dependence on other people for fun whatsoever,
> convenient 'save' options so the player can lower their risk
> before dangerous encounters if they desire, no server downtime for
> scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and patches, a lower time
> commitment required to experience all the content, no monthly
> subscription fee, and a higher level of convenience in terms of
> booting up, playing, then quitting out?

> Traditional RPGs would seem to be superior to MUDs in every way.

Quick thought: there are some online games I play *only* because I
know I can't cheat in them - I have too much experience of hacking
save files to resist the urge to cheat once a certain class of game
has irritated me enough (generally by killing me several times,
causing character to lose everything, merely because of a game or UI

Having a (trusted) third party run the server, such that yourself,
and those you play with, cannot cheat is- I suspect - a plus point
in many people's view.

Lots of games players are weak ;) - and know they need to put the
power to cheat out of their hands.

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