[MUD-Dev] What keeps people interested in social muds?

Martin C. Martin martin at metahuman.org
Sun Jun 2 11:03:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

"Richard A. Bartle" wrote:
> On 29th May, 2002, Martin C. Martin wrote:
>> I'm heading up a project that's a new way to socialize online.
>> It's essentially a 3D virtual nightclub with streaming audio,
>> dancing, chat, etc.  (If you're curious: http://www.esconline.org
>> )
> I took a look, and have a query...
> I realise I'm speaking from the perspective of being 25 years
> behind the times, but is it really the case that visitors to
> nightclubs these days never wear skirts? Or have you just not got
> around to animating them yet?

People still wear skirts, although they are rare.  This is a mod for
an existing game, so all the people working on it are fans doing it
in their spare time.  Animating is done by hand, more or less
setting the location of every vertex every frame.  So, getting
skirts to look realistic would be rather difficult.  If someone
makes a skirt model, the skirt motion will probably look a little
cheesy.  But then again, once you seen an animation a couple dozen
times, you tend not to notice its details, including its

- Martin
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