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Thomas Leavitt thomasleavitt at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 2 20:21:10 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Feedback from our CTO (I've deliberately removed the email addresses
for privacy reasons). I took am very interested in relevant books,
documents, magazine articles, whitepapers, discussion threads within
this group, other e-lists like this group, etc.

Hope this helps, James.

Thomas Leavitt

> From: "Albert Lin" <deleted> 
> Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 10:15:51 -0700
> I've flipped through "Swords & Circuitry" and "Multiplayer Game
> Programming" at the bookstore. "Swords & Circuitry" is a pure
> design book (no code) that discusses the design of RPG's. It's
> interesting to browse through, especially for some of the
> interviews with game designers, but whether the book is worth full
> price for its design tips is unclear. It's probably most useful if
> you're looking for guidance in putting together a design document.
> Otherwise, just browse through the book at the bookstore.
> I also flipped through "Multiplayer Game Programming" at the
> bookstore.  There's some very general description of how
> multiplayer games and MMORPG's are structured, but it's mostly a
> book on network programming. I wouldn't recommend it, since the
> vast majority of the book seems to be devoted to the basics of
> DirectX and standard network programming topics, and there is not
> really a lot of specific online game programming material. Again,
> it's something where you could get all of its value by finding a
> better book on standard network programming and then flipping
> through this book in the bookstore.
> --
> Albert Lin    [deleted]
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