[MUD-Dev] ADMIN: MIME and this list

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Jun 2 23:52:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Writing as list owner:

  To help reduce my load as moderator I've installed more stringent MIME
  filters on the Meta and MUD-Dev lists (ie automatic removal of files
  etc attached to messages).  If they prove out well here I'll roll the
  new filter out to all the lists at Kanga.Nu.  

  For most of you this will have no effect.  The main change some of you
  are likely to notice is that the filter will email you back if it
  finds MIME parts to strip in the messages you send to the list.

  eg for a test message I sent with a text/plain part and a duplicate
  text/html part:

    From: The administrator of meta <meta-admin at kanga.nu>
    To: claw at kanga.nu
    Subject: Test message
    Date: Sun,  2 Jun 2002 23:11:38 -0700 (PDT)

    This is an automatic reply.  Your message to this list

    However some non textual MIME parts have been stripped from it.


    Usually this is due to one of the following conditions:

      - Your mail client sends messages both in text and HTML mode: you
      should select text only mode for your messages to this list.

      - You meant to send an attachment, such as a program, an image or
      a file: you may not send anything of this sort to this list.  If
      you have something you think is particularly worthwile or helpful
      for the list that also fits the list's charter, please contact the
      moderator of the list (you may reply to this message for example),
      and they will tell you what to do.

    If you find something unclear about this warning, feel free to reply
    to this message.

    Following is a list of the MIME types for the stripped parts:

        A. text/html

  For those of you posting from AOL and similar who cannot turn off the
  text/html parts of their messages, I'm sorry.  I'm afraid you'll have
  to put up with the filter sending you a warning message for each of
  your posts.

  If you really want to attach a file to the list (eg a graph
  illustrating an assertion) that you think (or know) the filter will
  strip please note that fact in the body of your message somewhere VERY
  OBVIOUS so I won't miss it.  I'll then see about getting the version
  of your message with the attachment onto the list.

    Later, after I've tested the feature more, I'll tell you how to do
    this for yourselves.

J C Lawrence                
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