[MUD-Dev] R&D

Brian Bilek brian at darkalley.net
Mon Jun 3 00:46:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Sean Kelly wrote:

> Now try justifying that to a business executive who doesn't really
> understand games but who holds the company's purse-strings.  It's
> similar to trying to justify a large expenditure in network
> security or redundancy to the same person.

This brings up an interesting question for me, one that I have
attacked from different angles but have yet to understand.

Why aren't more of the business executives in the industry more
knowledgeable, passionate, or otherwise have a better understanding
of games and gaming in general?  Is it that hard to find someone
with a business background who likes games?

Perhaps a related question: With how incestuous the games industry
is, is it any wonder that the same mistakes are continually made
with respect to some of the practices mentioned earlier in the


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