[MUD-Dev] In defense of "soloability" [was Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility]

Dave Rickey daver at mythicentertainment.com
Mon Jun 3 10:00:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Martin C. Martin" <martin at metahuman.org>
> Michael Tresca wrote:

>> Communities have to be cultivated.  Partying is just one aspect
>> of that cultivation.

> So how do you cultivate a community, other than partying?

Set goals that reward the individual, but are not achievable by the
individual.  These don't have to be absolutes, in DAoC every class
can gain experience without partying (solo), but it is significantly
more efficient as part of a group.  In EQ, it takes *large* groups
to fight a dragon or planes-raid grade encounter, and sharing the
spawn equitably is the source of the highest organization in that
game (the "calender" system of reserving opportunities to "do"
certain encounters).  DAoC RvR is an organizational arms race,
better organization in one realm pushes the others to get more

Rewarding the group in ways that do not reward the individuals that
make up that group only works if other dynamics have already created
groups of the appropriate size.


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