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Taylor taylor at taylor.org
Tue Jun 4 18:36:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, Damion Schubert wrote:

>> Considering the above, I would like to ask people who have a lot
>> of experience with MUD development or general programming whether
>> I should do what I planned or postpone it until I get a degree in
>> CS.

> You'll probably learn more by doing than by going to CS class.
> Also, while you're in college (i.e. before you earn the degree),
> you'll have the most needed commodity to build a hobby MUD: time.

Also you should probably do it as a hobby to see what concepts you
need to learn. It's more difficult after school to take time out to
take classes on specific topics. Also you can still justify taking
classes that teach you broad concepts and not just specific

And speaking as someone who had to pick all that up after school, is
a valuable thing.

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