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Brian Bilek brian at darkalley.net
Tue Jun 4 20:45:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Richard Aihoshi aka Jonric wrote:

> This reflects what seems to be a fairly common assumption, that
> game companies are run by people who, for the most part, don't
> enjoy games.  I do know a few people to whom I think this
> description is applicable, but not nearly enough generalize across
> the entire industry.

I am generalizing here, most certainly, but it is from my experience
with the friends I have in a variety of game industry companies.  If
you have had a different experience, I would enjoy hearing your
thoughts to the contrary.

> It also assumes that having gamers in charge would translate into
> more good games being made and the industry being more successful.
> Sounds great, but looking at the broad picture, the body of
> evidence supporting this position is less than overwhelming.

No, this is not what I was saying, and I apologize for not being
more clear.  The assumption in my message is not that -gamers- being
in charge would translate into more good games and a more successful
industry.  It is that if the people in charge had a better
understanding of the products they are selling, and the nature of
the customers they sell to, (holding an inherent assumption that
many business executives do not) it would translate into better
products and more profit over the long term.

I agree that having gamers in charge would be a bad thing.  Hence my
response in another message - to me it seems there are many
businesspeople without a real understanding of (not necessarily a
liking for) games and gamers, and many gamers making games without
an understanding of business principles and processes, in the
industry...and not enough folks who have both.

> Blaming the ills of the entire industry on just one thing is
> attractive in its simplicity, but in reality, it's far too much of
> an over-simplification to be of much real use.  Just a bit of food
> for thought.

You make a great point, and I apologize for sounding simplistic.  I
certainly didn't mean to imply that everything that is wrong with
the industry is based on just one thing, if I did.  Perhaps you are
lumping my thoughts in with some generally held perceptions?


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