[MUD-Dev] cloth simulation (was: What keeps people interested in social muds?)

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Tue Jun 4 21:46:29 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

I'd initially figured this was offtopic for the list, but maybe not.

Richard A. Bartle wrote:

> So the chances are that if you did get an animation then it would
> look better than one generated from a physics model, but it's such
> tedious animation work that you're unlikely to have one in the
> near future.

The cloth animation in the Havok physics library doesn't look that
bad once you've tuned things.

They have some demos on their site:


The Cal3D character animation library provides some cloth animation
support, but it isn't as useful as what Havok provides:


In the way of research and other things, there's plenty of stuff out
there, much of it linked from:


Intel, nVidia and others have all made presentations on cloth
simulation within the last 2 years.

With careful application of cloth and the right video card/CPU
requirements, cloth simulation can work today.


   - Bruce

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