[MUD-Dev] Character skill distribution and trade-offs

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Thu Jun 6 09:59:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

According to Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com:
> Ron Gabbard [mailto:rgabbard at swbell.net]

>> The ramifications of 'mesmerization' actually went even deeper as
>> the DPS I had planned for 'magic' in relation to 'melee' damage
>> had to be reduced to maintain the challenge of the encounter and
>> offset the ability to recover during battle.  In addition, those
>> characters with lower health and/or defense became paperdolls in
>> the option where mobs are 'beefed up' to offset the effect of
>> 'mesmerization'.
> Heh, you've nearly designed yourself Everquest!...

Mesmerization covers much more than the EQ spell line of the same
name.  It covers also immobilization spells, fear spells, and the

Given the way the system was designed (balance between offensive
output and defensive output), it is easy to integrate all graded
abilities (be they spells, skills, weapons, armor). It is very hard
to integrate binary abilities.

And I won't either speak of combos, i.e. the combined effects of two
binary abilities together who can make or break any designed

>   - I suggest you either don't have mesmerisation in the game
>   unless you want to balance every encounter around it.

The original poster spoke also of healing. Everquest also suffer
from another binary ability, namely the Complete Healing spell.

Complete Heal is a binary ability that allows you to reset the clock
for one of the sides on any encounter that lasts more than 10s. Yet
another absolute needed ability.

>   - If you do have it, don't just give it to one class unless you
>   want to give them a monopoly.

It's not a monopoly in EQ either. There are three different classes
that can mez mobs (Enchanters, Bards and Necros). Plus a whole slew
who "ghetto mez" by rooting mobs away from the main fight scene.

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