[MUD-Dev] New Beginings

Paul Schwanz paul.schwanz at east.sun.com
Thu Jun 6 10:33:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "David B. Held" <dheld at codelogicconsulting.com>

> But don't tell anyone to avoid C++ because it's not a GC language.

I haven't actually gone back in the thread to check, but if I recall
correctly, Java/Python were recommended over C++ because they are
multi-platform, not because they have GC.  Performance issues as
well as GC were certainly discussed--Java is only slightly slower
and it does have built-in GC, which evidently is seen as a benefit
by some programmers--but I don't believe anyone offered up either as
reasons to avoid C++.  I think the original poster asked
specifically for information on multi-platform languages, though,
which *is* a reason to rule out C++.


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