[MUD-Dev] Striving for originality

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Thu Jun 6 12:36:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Matt Chatterley" <matt at eldoops.co.uk>

> I wonder what the key 'problems' with PvP really are?
> To me, they seem to be:
>   1) Newbies getting battered
>   2) Being able to repeatedly pound or kill the same person, just
>   because you (the player) don't like them (the player).

>From my experience, PvP is a problem because a good chunk of people
don't like the feeling of "being taken advantage of."  That goes
hand in hand with PvP.  People don't like being jumped on CR.  They
hate "wandering mobs" when they're not ready.  People's egos are
fragile and a prep'd combatent who waylays a person a person is
almost always GOING TO WIN.  People don't like that.

In reply:

  1)  Yes it's a problem.

  2) Not so much of a problem.  You call in your guild/friends to
  get them off.


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