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Brian Bilek brian at darkalley.net
Thu Jun 6 23:52:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Richard Aihoshi aka Jonric wrote:
> At 08:45 PM 04/06/02 -0700, Brian Bilek wrote:

>> I am generalizing here, most certainly, but it is from my
>> experience with the friends I have in a variety of game industry
>> companies.  If you have had a different experience, I would enjoy
>> hearing your thoughts to the contrary.

> My thoughts to the contrary are that the people who matter in
> terms of this topic are those in positions where they can either
> make or influence decisions on funding.  Among those I know who
> qualify, there are some I would regard as not being gamers, but
> not enough to apply this label to the entire group.  > Apparently
> you know different people and/or have a stricter personal
> definition of what it takes to be a gamer.

My perspective is different - I know rank-and-file folks in the
industry, who hold that perception.  I'm not speaking from personal
experience with the people who have the influence you speak of.  I
also have to assume that due to your job, you draw from a larger
sample size :) (and no, I didn't mean that question to be facetious,
if it came across that way)

>> No, this is not what I was saying, and I apologize for not being
>> more clear.  The assumption in my message is not that -gamers-
>> being in charge would translate into more good games and a more
>> successful industry.  It is that if the people in charge had a
>> better understanding of the products they are selling, and the
>> nature of the customers they sell to, (holding an inherent
>> assumption that many business executives do not) it would
>> translate into better products and more profit over the long
>> term.

> Sure, gamers have a better understanding of what gamers will buy.
> For an interesting commentary on that topic by a veteran designer,
> have a look at the first part of The Four Myths of Game Design at
> http://www.designersnotebook.com/Publications/publications.htm

To be clear, I don't mean gamers, I mean business leaders that have
a more in-depth understanding of gaming; they aren't necessarily one
in the same...but this sounds like splitting hairs, I think we more
or less understand each other.

Thank you for that link!  What I have read so far is very
interesting, I'll have to spend some more time at that page.



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