[MUD-Dev] New Beginings

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Fri Jun 7 00:07:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

David B. Held wrote:

> Nonsense.  Java runs on one platform: the JVM.  C++, on the other
> hand, runs on virtually every platform in use.  Writing portable
> code takes discipline, no doubt; but it's done every day by
> thousands of developers everywhere.  While the JVM itself has been
> ported to quite a few platforms, many other languages are only
> well supported on a few popular platforms or niche platforms.

I'll respond to your other posts tomorrow night or over the weekend
due to a lack of time on my part, but I just wanted to point out
that the above is factually incorrect.

Java, as a language, has compilers that exist to compile it to
native code.  One of these, gcj, is part of GCC:


Others exist as well.

IBM had one as part of Alphaworks for a long while and I know there
was at least one research compiler for doing Java to native code
from the Netherlands or Germany, but I don't have the time to dig it
up now.

As GCJ gets more mature, I'd be pretty interested in using it for a
MUD server and have followed it for a long time for that reason.

But really, this is pretty far off topic and not really seeming to
lead to much that is interesting and/or related to MUDs.

On the other hand, I'd like to hear about how your server design for
a MUD takes advantage of C++'s strengths (and avoids its
weaknesses). Have you made your code portable?  How do you handle
your memory management?  How do you handle storing data? Do you use
a DB of some sort?  How does that DB interact with your memory
management system? (Or does it?) Have you run into any interesting
MUD-related problems in the this work?


  - Bruce

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