[MUD-Dev] GC (was: New Beginings)

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Fri Jun 7 00:20:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Zach Collins (Siege) wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Paul Schwanz wrote:
>> I haven't actually gone back in the thread to check, but if I
>> recall correctly, Java/Python were recommended over C++ because
>> they are multi-platform, not because they have GC.  Performance
>> issues as

> They were.  And by the way, Python v2 and up happens to have a
> module that lets you control the GC, meaning you can write your
> own if you really want to, and use that instead, or do other
> interesting things with it.  Very useful if, for example, your
> Python interpreter is running as an embedded process in a C++
> program (not uncommon).

And that brings up a topic related to the usage of GC in a MUD

With control over the GC also comes control over when it gets run.
Has anyone experimented with controlling the execution of the GC?
Once during the idle loop?  During the idle loop when there isn't
some immediately pending task/event (unless there is memory
pressure)?  Only when there is memory pressure?  Or, maybe if you
have an incremental collector, you run it while waiting on network
activity or data to load from disk?

I'd love to hear about any experiments in that area and what impact
they had on server performance, memory use, and throttling GC to not
take up CPU time when it was needed for something else more

  - Bruce

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