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Kwon Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Fri Jun 7 12:54:26 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Matt Chatterley" <matt at eldoops.co.uk>

> To my mind, the place of the battlefield mage is at the back,
> behind the others -- the same as we might use artillery support in
> a more modern battle.

I agree, a spell-caster shouldn't be out where he/she can take

> One approach to limiting the effectiveness of mages in combat (and
> one which I will most likely use) is that of distraction. If
> you're

Distraction is an old philosophy... but is detrimental to solo mud
play which is why it isn't used often.

> carefully weaving the threads of a spell together, the last thing
> you need is to be whapped with a sword, kicked in the groin, or to
> get shot. As soon as someone on the other side spots the signs of
> spellcasting, you'd become a target -- they know that magic thrown
> against them could be devastating, and would really want to
> prevent it.

My solution is limited distraction.  Small but useful spells (or
ones whose power level you exceed greatly) should be able to cast
rapidly, almost instantly.  A spell caster casting extremely
powerful magic should have a wait, and be subject to distraction.

> Hence there might be several different types of battlefield
> mage. The one who stands right at the back and throws in the big
> bangs; the ones who cast a few protective spells beforehand, then
> draw their sword and wade in, and so forth.

I don't see a battle-mage as being a warrior (although my classless
system supports being able to learn both warrior and magical

Using a limited distraction system as described above, you could
have some mages as "heavy" artillery, and other mages as
"interceptors" They'll be the ones to cast short term and weak
magic... or be maintaining powerful protection magic (I used a
maintained spell system, where you personally maintain your affects,
but maintaining affects limits your casting capability).

-- Kwon J. Ekstrom

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