[MUD-Dev] New Beginings II [Not GC]

Drylar Levre drylar at softhome.net
Sun Jun 9 12:02:48 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Hello again. I'm the original poster of the New Beginings
thread. Here is what it seems that I have gained from the topic
(which should have changed to GC earlier in the discussion).

C++ has power and versatility, and has been cross-platformed
decently. The drawbacks include the fact each native system has
design differences. (I've ported my old linux/gcc to win32/vc++ and
saw quite a bit not work the same). Also, in C/C++ it is difficult
(but not impossible) to optimize for less memory loss.

Java on the otherhand, compiles and runs on the JVM, which has been
ported to many systems. What I have learned via asking a few friends
who work with it, there are some, but very few differences in code
between different OS's.  (Apparently Macs don't like java all that
much). As per memory optimization, it is easier to work with than

Other than that, I didn't hear many other languages even
mentioned. As per library resources, I was directed to a site which
handles 2D. Warcraft was a bad example on my part. AOE2, and I'll
say Command and Conquer are better examples in that both handle 3D,
with terrain heights, shadows, objects blocked from view by other
objects, etc.

Hopefully with the following information, the group can better
direct me at the who/why/when/where/what/how to accomplish what I
aim to do. This is long, but it provides a much better example of
what I hope to achieve.

What I'm wanting my 'finished' product to look like:

  A somewhat simple character which walks around and interacts with
  other characters and the environment. I'm thinking of a viewpoint
  20 feet up, following the character. The menus/sound shouldn't
  pose a problem, as they will remain static between areas/worlds
  (and it wouldn't be hard to add mp3 playlist or cd audio
  features). When it comes to the game graphics, I want simple 3D,
  characters that are customizable, but small in filesize (or
  memsize) so that custom characters could be transfered easily and
  quickly.  I'm thinking of using a 'stock' set of environment
  objects, which would not need transferred each time. Basically,
  the only things transferred across the network are character
  details, actions, and where to put what in the
  environment. Graphics and sound would be stored locally. Sony's
  game Infantry was like that (download 20Mb+ that kept all the
  graphics and sound, and just tranmit data relevant to changing
  environment). For walking through the environment, I'm thinking
  keeping (in warcraft pud terms) a 64^3 visible on the map, and
  having the 64^3 (note, ^3 is third power here, not 'or') at each
  of 8 directions in memory so that it would provide smooth walking.
  Something final fantasy vii/viii/ix like (in world map mode) only
  on a smaller scale.  As per character interaction, a dialog box at
  the bottom of the screen, similar to the old text mud windows. You
  would have to walk up and initiate a conversation then go into an
  instant message like environment (the box would come up for each
  of you). As per fighting, Maxis's the Sims used character models
  that handled many different actions (kissing, hugging, etc...) and
  that works with different shaped/sized skins (fat, slim, etc).  It
  shouldn't be too hard to create simple attack 'scripts' to
  manipulate a character so that it would perform the actions of
  swinging a sword, raising a shield, etc. Spells would be similar,
  with set scripts that manipulate the skin of the character to
  perform a set action. I'm thinking of using a small static picture
  of the fighting parties, with health and other meters for combat,
  which would disappear when not fighting. While fighting, it would
  probably contain a static picture of the opponent standing,
  perhaps adding visual clues as to their overall health state (ala
  Id's Doom, with the picture showing health state).

I could keep going, as I have in mind what I want the finished
product to look like, hopefully now you all have enough information
to point me towards the right direction on what language and
resources to use, etc. As per garbage collection, as long as it's
present. Which is true of almost all languages, just differently
implemented in each. You can all probably understand now why I am
also wanting to keep overall speed in mind.  Networking would also
prove to be battle, and why I wish to create resource files to be
stored locally, so as to lessen bandwidth requirements.  Hopefully
those who wish to give advice now know of my intentions, and can
better direct me to resources that will help.

As per my thoughts, I'm leaning more towards sticking with C/C++, in
that it's what I know. I'll just have to learn differences in each
platform's flavor of C/C++. As per librarys, programs, resources,
anything to incorporate in that would make my overall product easier
to accomplish, I'd love input.

-Drylar Levre
"High hopes and high ideals make for lots of steps on the stairway to
achieve them."-Myself

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