[MUD-Dev] Ticks?

Edward Glowacki glowack2 at msu.edu
Mon Jun 10 09:12:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Fri, 2002-06-07 at 12:38, Anderson, David wrote: 

> I was thinking about skipping ticks & regenning every round, but I
> was worried about the extra processing that would entail (since
> that would mean I'd also have mobs regenning every round, so
> that'd be thousands of mobs, plus hundreds of players
> someday.. all regenning every couple seconds).

To massacre an old saying, "If a tree regens in the forest and there
is nobody around, does it still gain HP?" =)

You wouldn't necessarily need to have every mob regen every few
seconds, only those mobs that actually have a player in the room, as
those are the only mobs anyone really cares about.  The other ones
you could just mark the last time their condition was checked by a
player, then calculate their new HP/mana value the next time someone
looks at the mobs condition or engages in combat, or periodically
(every minute or two) go through and update them.


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