[MUD-Dev] The Future of MMOGs... what's next? (fwd)

Koster Koster
Tue Jun 11 08:40:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Talanithus Hotmail" <talanithus at hotmail.com>

> Last month the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was held in Los
> Angeles, California. As an avid gamer and fansite reporter in the
> MMOG industry, I made my way there to check out the next
> generation of MMOGs for myself... and I must admit, I was pretty
> disappointed. Now that is not to say that the new MMOGs aren't
> beautiful, the advancements in graphic and online bandwidth have
> allowed Developers to create richer and more beautiful worlds with
> a striking level of detail... but there was something most
> definitely lacking. I couldn't quite place my finger on it until
> Joshua Rowan (of UO Stratics) said something along lines of "there
> are lots of evolutionary things here, but nothing really
> revolutionary." Bam. Nailed on the head.

This was the topic of a panel at GDC this year. My answers were:

  - no, the next batch of games will not be revolutionary
  - yes, the next revolution will likely be user content
  - and it's probably five years away, really

(Gordon Walton replied with, "stop depressing me and everyone

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