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Tue Jun 11 10:08:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 12:02:48PM -0400, Drylar Levre wrote:

>   A somewhat simple character which walks around and interacts
>   with other characters and the environment. I'm thinking of a
>   viewpoint 20 feet up, following the character. The menus/sound
>   shouldn't pose a problem, as they will remain static between
>   areas/worlds (and it wouldn't be hard to add mp3 playlist or cd
>   audio features). When it comes to the game graphics, I want
>   simple 3D, characters that are customizable, but small in
>   filesize (or memsize) so that custom characters could be
>   transfered easily and quickly.  I'm thinking of using a 'stock'
>   set of environment objects, which would not need transferred
>   each time. Basically, the only things transferred across the
>   network are character details, actions, and where to put what in
>   the environment. Graphics and sound would be stored
>   locally. Sony's game Infantry was like that (download 20Mb+ that
>   kept all the graphics and sound, and just tranmit data relevant
>   to changing environment). For walking through the environment,
>   I'm thinking keeping (in warcraft pud terms) a 64^3 visible on
>   the map, and having the 64^3 (note, ^3 is third power here, not
>   'or') at each of 8 directions in memory so that it would provide
>   smooth walking.  Something final fantasy vii/viii/ix like (in
>   world map mode) only on a smaller scale.  As per character
>   interaction, a dialog box at the bottom of the screen, similar
>   to the old text mud windows. You would have to walk up and
>   initiate a conversation then go into an instant message like
>   environment (the box would come up for each of you). As per
>   fighting, Maxis's the Sims used character models that handled
>   many different actions (kissing, hugging, etc...) and that works
>   with different shaped/sized skins (fat, slim, etc).  It
>   shouldn't be too hard to create simple attack 'scripts' to
>   manipulate a character so that it would perform the actions of
>   swinging a sword, raising a shield, etc. Spells would be
>   similar, with set scripts that manipulate the skin of the
>   character to perform a set action. I'm thinking of using a small
>   static picture of the fighting parties, with health and other
>   meters for combat, which would disappear when not
>   fighting. While fighting, it would probably contain a static
>   picture of the opponent standing, perhaps adding visual clues as
>   to their overall health state (ala Id's Doom, with the picture
>   showing health state).

Its not a resource in any way, but what you describe sounds quite
similar to RuneScape, which was written in Java. Suggest you take a
look at:


Adam M
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