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Tue Jun 11 10:32:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 05:22:25AM +0000, Matt Mihaly wrote:

> My apologies if someone has brought this up before, but a search
> of the archives didn't show anything.
> Is anyone familiar with LithTech's "Discovery System?"
>   http://www.lithtech.com/products/discovery/home.asp
> It purports to be a sort of one-stop solution for the technical
> parts of graphical MUDs, though I'm a little dubious.

It seems to be a return-from-the-dead of their LithTechWorlds
product that was announced with fanfare at the start of 2001 (they
had a press-release mentioning exclusive contracts with Fox
Interactive IIRC, but it quickly became non-indexed from the site,
and could only be foudn via Google).

Ah, its still there (via google :)


(copy/paste broken on this machine, so if that hand-type URL is
wrong, just do a google serach for "lithtech worlds press release".)

It seemed to die without trace about 6 months later (no info on the
website towards the end of 2001), and I heard rumours that the team
got moved away to other projects/left the company.

Someone recently suggested to me that the current raving about the
Discovery System might be no more than a market-teaser to see if
anyone out there is interested enough in the product for LithTech to
justfiy re-opening development. Personally, I found the marketing
bumph on the site so generic and applicable to almost any MMOG
middleware that I too am suspicious.

Adam M
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