[MUD-Dev] New Beginings II [Not GC]

David B. Held dheld at codelogicconsulting.com
Tue Jun 11 17:29:41 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Drylar Levre" <drylar at softhome.net>

> C++ has power and versatility, and has been cross-platformed
> decently. The drawbacks include the fact each native system has
> design differences. (I've ported my old linux/gcc to win32/vc++
> and saw quite a bit not work the same).

If you were to just use C++ for the server code, this doesn't seem
to be a major issue.  It seems reasonable to have a C++ server and a
Java client.

> Also, in C/C++ it is difficult (but not impossible) to optimize for
> less memory loss.

What exactly do you mean by "memory loss"?  Do you mean leakage?
You can go a long way with smart pointers, a leak detector, and a
profiler.  None of them are perfect, but if you have decent coding
discipline, you can avoid all but the most subtle problems.


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