[MUD-Dev] GC (was: New Beginings)

Lars Duening lars at bearnip.com
Tue Jun 11 21:04:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Bruce Mitchener wrote on Friday, June 07 2002, 00:20:12:

> With control over the GC also comes control over when it gets run.
> Has anyone experimented with controlling the execution of the GC?
> Once during the idle loop?  During the idle loop when there isn't
> some immediately pending task/event (unless there is memory
> pressure)?  Only when there is memory pressure?  Or, maybe if you
> have an incremental collector, you run it while waiting on network
> activity or data to load from disk?

Amylaar-LPMud uses a Mark&Sweep collector in addition to the
reference counting. However, since this collector was added very
late in the development, it suffers from lack of integration into
the overall design: for example each collector run swaps in all
swapped-out objects in order to trace the pointers.

Consequently the collector is run (from the backend loop) only when
the driver had to tap into the memory reserves, or when the LPC code
instructed it.

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