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Rudy Fink rudyfink at owlnet.rice.edu
Tue Jun 11 21:17:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com wrote:
> From: Travis Casey [mailto:efindel at earthlink.net]

>>  - Make magic rare -- design things so that not just anyone can
>>  be a magician.  The minus side here is that players are going to
>>  hate it -- no one's going to want to be told that they're not
>>  one of the lucky few who get to play a magician, just because of
>>  the roll of the dice.

> It will be incredibly interesting to see how the limiting of Jedi
> powers in SWG plays out. If you aren't aware, the team won't tell
> anyone the specifics of how one becomes 'force sensitive' but
> allegedly all players will be given the opportunity. I can only
> think that it will be tied into one's behaviour in certain 'point
> of interest' events, but that's merely the only way I could think
> of doing it.

> If they can keep the mechanism a mystery for longer than the beta
> lasts I'll be duly impressed.

I agree.  I think ever since Ralph's comment (not exact quote) "they
(Jedi) are going to be super-beings.  If you see one coming, watch
out," I've been kind of having the kid-at-Christmas desire to play
and become one.  I say this because I would guess my sentiment is
not remotely unique among those who would play SWG.

I'm interested to see how this issue was resolved for game ballence
and keeping players not depressed that they can't be Jedi.  If all
players will be given the opportunity.  I can only assume that there
is a hard road to walk to become a Jedi or that playstyle will be
limited by the decision.

Conjecture aside, it is going to be a bit of waiting, wondering, and
crossing fingers on the beta application.

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