[MUD-Dev] Breaking down the walls

Matt Chatterley matt at eldoops.co.uk
Wed Jun 12 10:32:35 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Nicolai Hansen wrote:
> Matt Chatterly wrote:

>> I'm wondering how well a sort of 'freeform' (or roomless, coord
>> based) world will scale to a text game, and how to implement the
>> user display. It seems to me that I'll have to do a fair bit of
>> work with semi-dynamic text descriptions (which isn't a problem;
>> just an observation).

> While I agree on your room-less system, I wouldn't like your
> movement commands.  If I was standing in a east-west hallway with
> a blue room on one end, and a yellow in the other end, I want to
> type 'blue room' to go to the blue room, not east...

Naturally. :) A 'nice' user interface would have to be laid caringly
over any such system to avoid confusion and to make it as easy as
possible to use; this was just an example ;) However, you are the
second person in a row to suggest a system using location or object
based move commands.  Which reflects the beginnings of an opinion
poll. ;)

>> Wilderness areas will almost certainly link towns, dungeons and
>> the like (being in themselves vastly dynamically generated to a
>> stored terrain & location map). The use of a level-editor type
>> tool to create dungeons seems a very likely choice at the moment,
>> and I find myself sketching out ideas so that I can draft up a
>> level format.

> Same thing with wilderness areas ... Description says 'You see a
> castle in the distance', I want to be able to type 'castle' to go
> there :)


The other question which I will now raise is that of
information. The information given to a text-mud player is
traditionally blocks of text which describe his environment. I'm
contemplating mingling these with ASCII overheads, a stick-man
equipment diagram, and a few other things (and am contemplating a
system with an optional custom client).

Has anybody here tried Roguelike style views in parts of their
textbased Muds?


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