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Caliban Tiresias Darklock caliban at darklock.com
Wed Jun 12 20:14:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Rudy Fink" <rudyfink at owlnet.rice.edu>

> I'm interested to see how this issue was resolved for game
> ballence and keeping players not depressed that they can't be
> Jedi.  If all players will be given the opportunity.  I can only
> assume that there is a hard road to walk to become a Jedi or that
> playstyle will be limited by the decision.

I had an idea about this a week or two back which might be worth
thinking about.

Probability is a weird thing. If you flip a coin two thousand times,
you'll find that you get about a thousand heads and about a thousand
tails. But even more interestingly, you will find a lot more *runs*
of heads or tails as you flip more. As the number of flips
approaches infinity, the longest run of consecutive heads *also*
approaches infinity, but it does so at a variable and unpredictable
rate with frequent "shelves" where the rate rises steadily and then
remains static for a long period.

If force sensitivity is determined by counting the number of
consecutive "heads" in periodic "coin flips" on the game, then
anyone could become force sensitive, but there would be no way to
predict when.

Just an idea. Mathematically, it works out, but it's too chaotic to
predict.  One could, for example, use "time()&1==0?count=0:count++;"
to do this.

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