[MUD-Dev] IF/MUD Gameplay Ideas

Rayzam rayzam at travellingbard.com
Wed Jun 12 22:42:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Opacic Patrik" <di1oppa at chl.chalmers.se>

> I want to raise a question for consideration and I will offer my
> solution. The problem in question, in many of the muds present at
> this time, is the lack of interesting and withstanding goal(s) for
> the in-game characters to strive for. What I intend to say is that
> the primary goal, or more accurately the means to achieve the
> goal, is often to advance the character by gaining experience,
> often through killing lots of monsters. The result of this system
> is new characters that can not harm a snail and old characters
> strong enough to slay a dragon on their own

I must disagree. I find this a large fallacy, time and again,
especially with new coders to RetroMud. Any area/zone should be
scalable to any level of character. There is no good reason and many
bad ones for a starting character to be relegated to killing
butterflies, working his way up to killing rats, then dogs, then
wolves, and then finally going through areas.

For any given level/strength of character, there should be good
areas to explore, solve, play in. As the boredom sets in, the
character has advanced, and has a new set of areas. Granted, this
all breaks away from your #1) have an attainable goal. Instead the
goal is to explore, enjoy, and solve the areas. Which makes it the
same goal as reading books. You want to keep reading different ones,
or read laters ones in a series, as you finish the earlier ones.


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