[MUD-Dev] Mudding and impact on academic grades

Draymoor a Vin il'Rogina draymoor at cloud9.net
Wed Jun 12 22:44:27 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Philip Mak wrote:

> Has anyone else thought about this? Any ideas on how to make a
> MUSH coexist more peacefully with its players' academic standing?

Speaking as a former mud addict, I've definitely noticed how this
can be devestating to academics. I don't think that muds are the
root cause of this, however. MUDing instead of doing work, at least
in my experiance, is simply one way if not doing work. If I wasn't
mudding (and now I'm not, really), I'd be doing something else (Like
reading or programming, or, an old favorite, watching TV). MUDs
aren't the cause of the problem, just the chosen implement of

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