[MUD-Dev] Is difficult communication the barrier to community in MMORPGs? (fwd)

Ron Gabbard rgabbard at swbell.net
Thu Jun 13 00:17:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Jeff Lindsey" <Jeff at nextelligence.com>
> J C Lawrence posted:

>> On reading and contemplating the responses to my "soul meter"
>> thread, I've come to wonder if there is a fundimental barrier to
>> the RPG element of MMORPG's: Communication No matter how
>> streamlined your game's communication system, it still takes a
>> lot more effort to carry on a conversation than it does to just
>> say "follow me" or "looking for _____" I think if there was some
>> way to streamline meaningful info to minimize the effort for the
>> player, people would be more willing and able to role play than
>> simply go monster bashing.

> I think the factors in determining communication content are the
> goals of the game, and its depth.

> If a game is hack-slash-loot, the vocabulary and player
> involvement in communication reflects it: c'mon, help, kill, heal,
> run, etc. In a game world where social and exploratory rewards are
> dominant, or at least a factor in character advancement, the
> conversations would expand due to necessity.

I agree.  The ability to role play only exists as long as the player
is immersed in the 'scene'.  Once the experience degrades into
'hack-slash-loot', it gets a lot harder to maintain that mental
picture of what you want your character to be.



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