[MUD-Dev] Breaking down the walls

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Jun 13 00:44:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Jeff Lindsey wrote:
> shren wrote:

>> I always wanted to implement this to toy around with it - but, as
>> nice as it might be for outdoor areas where you can roam freely,
>> I could never come up with an even remotely clean way to have it
>> handle indoor areas.

> Overlapping squares?
>   Town of Buckshire
>   Inn of the Broken Hoof
>   Dining Room
>   > move south
>   Town of Buckshire
>   Inn of the Broken Hoof
>   Kitchen

The 'realm' object in ColdCore was similar to this in that it
allowed for hierarchical containment and also hierarchical event
propagation and so on.

One failing that I think it had was that individual rooms that one
might occupy were actually a different object, creating a difference
in interface and some extra complexities that probably weren't
needed/justified.  So, in the example above, in ColdCore, you'd have
a realm object for 'Town of Buckshire' and then another
(nested/contained) realm for the 'Inn of the Broken Hoof' .. then
the Kitchen and Dining Room would be actual place/location objects.

Having a hierarchy of objects that end up also composing your
spatial hierarchy and that you can use for event propagation and
larger-scale systems is something that I think works pretty well.

  - Bruce

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