[MUD-Dev] Mudding and impact on academic grades

shren shren at io.com
Thu Jun 13 06:22:55 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Philip Mak wrote:

> I run a social/RP MUSH. It's final exam time for many high-school
> students and some university students now, and I see people
> talking about how they have all this academic work to do... while
> hanging out on the MUSH and probably spending a few hours per day
> socializing.

Long before the invention of the MUSH, and I'm sure long after the
last MUSH is forgotten, students will fail out of college because
they get distracted by the plethera of neat things to do around
them.  Some people just arn't cut out for college when they get
there, and if they don't fail out on your MUSH they'll likely find a
different distraction.

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