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Anderson Anderson
Thu Jun 13 09:15:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: apollyon . [mailto:apo11yon at hotmail.com]

> Going back to the issue of "disallowing" certain actions, if you
> have the code to prevent those actions which you deem harmful to
> the overall enjoyment of the game, is it better to use the code to
> keep them from happening in the first place, or to allow them to
> happen but provide for some penalty to the commitor?

I've always felt that you offer as much legal freedom as you can
give them (so they have choice), but when it comes down to rules,
you should always code out everything you can.  The more rules that
players need to remember, the more often they will be forgotten.
And it's a bit disheartening to have 15 pages of rules helpfiles to
read through.

I figure, if you can code it out in any way possible, do it.  If you
can't, think of a way to make a new rule that Can be coded out.  If
that doesn't work, and it's absolutely necessary to stop, make a

Too often admins take the lazy route and just make a new rule, since
coding things out is sometimes a lot of work.  But in the long run,
people enjoy being able to do whatever they can, without worrying
about punishment.

IE, being able to say "I can do anything I want that the game allows
me to do" is a valuable thing.

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