[MUD-Dev] Mudding and impact on academic grades

Anderson Anderson
Thu Jun 13 09:51:31 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Philip Mak [mailto:pmak at animeglobe.com]

> Has anyone else thought about this? Any ideas on how to make a
> MUSH coexist more peacefully with its players' academic standing?

There are two main things that people should do for students:

  1. Careful when you plan events.  I've seen mud admins schedule
  massive events (IE, large battles, large quests, etc) for the
  middle of finals week.  Bad timing on their part.  You don't want
  to force people to choose between school and an important thing on
  the mud.  Missing a normal day of mudding is fine, but it's hard
  to miss out on big events that have been in the works for months.
  2. Just put a little message on your motd saying that you want
  people to study first, and then play.  That's all that's generally
  needed to make those kids know that you feel their school work is
  more important than mudding.  Admin's feelings on issues tends to
  hold a lot more sway than most people realize.

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